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Workamping 101

The first thing you might as is, "What is workamping?" Workampers are people who are campers that exchange any work for a campsite or pay. Most of the employees are full-time RVers, needing work for pay or for a free stay. Not all workampers work at campgrounds for a campsite. Some work at companies that either pay them a salary, pay for their campsite, or pay them a salary and their campsite. Most people know of workampers as campground hosts at an RV park. But, now there are so many other jobs you can do in exchange for a campsite or pay.

The definition of Workamper on the website is as follows "Workamping includes any activity that involves the exchange of man/woman hours for anything of value."

Workampers are adventuresome individuals, couples and families who have chosen a wonderful lifestyle that combines ANY kind of part-time or full-time work with RV camping. If you work as an employee, operate a business, or donate your time as a volunteer, AND you sleep in an RV, you are a Workamper!

This workamp lifestyle used to be mostly retirees needing to supplement their retirement. These days there are so many younger couples, families, and single RVers, workampers are all ages.


Workamper (Shane working pool maintenance)


-Office staff -Marketing

-Maintenance -Pool Maintenance

-Activities -Campsite Valet

-Grounds Keeping -Campground Host

-Kitchen Staff -Bartender

-Housekeeping -Woodworker

-Social Media/Website -Painter

-National & State Park volunteer -Chaplains

(Patty working kids activities)

WORKAMP JOBS not at campgrounds

-Beet Harvest


-Amusement Parks

-JC Penney

-Oil Field Gate Guard

-Transport RVs

-Christmas Tree & Pumpkin Lot

-Fireworks Stand

-Tour Guides

-Lighthouse Manager

-Stocking Retail Stores

-Income Tax Preparer

-Zoos & Wildlife Refuges

These are just a few jobs, there are so many more out there to look for. The best way to look for jobs is to google workamp jobs in the state you are wanting to work. It will come up with all the websites and jobs available in that state. Lastly, you can just call the campground and ask if they are hiring workampers. This is how we have found several jobs. We find a campground that looks nice and in an area we want to visit, call the manager and ask if they had any workamp jobs. If they do they will ask you to send your resume and will then set up a phone call interview.

Another way to find jobs is to check out social media groups. Facebook has several workamp groups. They have groups of companies looking for workampers, and where you can post if you are looking for a job. They also have a few pages that have reviews of the campgrounds or companies, this way you can see other people's experiences. These groups are great for all kinds of information and where you can ask any question you have about workamping.



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Check out our next blog post for how to start once you decide workamping is for you.


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