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Work Camping

You have an interview, what's next

When we first started this journey, work camping was never really on our radar. We knew what it was and had discussed it a few times. We mostly discussed becoming Camp hosts, not work campers. A camp host is a volunteer position at a campground, usually a State or National Park, but some private campgrounds have Camp Hosts as well. You usually just help out campers and clean restrooms and sites. We had no idea of all the possibilities out there for workampers, some will give you a campsite, electric, and pay. Some workamp jobs will have you interview for the positions just like you would for any job. It could be over the phone or they may want you to come in person.

Make sure your resume is up to date and you can answer any questions they have about your resume, your experience, and campgrounds or companies you have worked for in the past. Have the resume in front of you during the interview, especially if it is an over the phone interview.

Questions to ask the campground/employer

1. How long do we have to stay?

2. How many days off?

3. Can we get days off for vacations/trips?

4. Are there family & friends discounts?

5. Can we bring our golfcart?

6. What all do the perks include ie, site, electric, pay, laundry, propane, food, etc.

7. How many hours a week in exchange

8. Will we work on the same days

9. Will we need to clean bathrooms? (this is a deal breaker for us)

10. Do you have positions for a solo worker?

11. Do you provide a shirt/uniform?

12. Do we need to sign a contract?

13. What happens if we need to leave before our contract ends?

Another thing to remember is this is just like any job interview. Make sure you sell yourself, and let them know you are the best candidate for the position. There are a lot of people that are workamping now, so there is a little more competition than there used to be.


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