Hello, We Are Gills on Wheels

Welcome to our story!

We are Shane and Patty Gill, we have been married for 26 years.  Twenty-eight years ago we met when Shane was stationed in Georgia. Two boys, many moves, and many countries later, Shane retired from the Air Force. For seven years we have called San Antonio home. After moving around the world while Shane was in the military, we knew it would be difficult to stay in one place once he retired.  Now that we are no longer military nomads, there comes a time after a few years in one place, you start to get the moving itch. We decided to fix that itch a few years ago with camping.  We bought a 42 foot Grand Design Solitude 375RES.  This started out as just a get-away once a month with some quality family time with the boys.   But, it turned into an obsession and we fell in LOVE! I couldn't wait to book our next campsite, I would reserve our whole year camping, at least every other weekend. We love it so much we started having a discussion about full-time RV living. We have dreamed about full-time RV living for many years.  We have seen the world, but only a handful of states. The plan was to do it once we were older, in our 60's or 70's, once we were "retired."  We never thought it could be a reality to live in our camper and travel at our age.  Now that we are empty nesters we decided, why not now? Let's get out and explore our own backyard while we are still young. Thanks for coming along on our journey!


Shane is retired from the Air Force, after serving our country for 24 years.  He is the captain and does all of the driving while pulling a 42-foot 5th wheel. He manages all the outside duties, which include the worst job of all, the shi**er when it's full!  Shane is easy going, laid back, quiet, and keeps Patty calm. 







Patty is not retired, she was a stay at home Mom for many years and started her career much later.  She will be working part-time from the RV teaching ESL, (English as a second language) online with VIPKID. She is the navigator and will be planning all the trips, sites, and destinations. Patty manages all the inside duties, which include cleaning, cooking, set-up, and decorating. She will also be managing the website and blogging along the way. Patty is outgoing, active, OCD, loud, and stresses about everything. 

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