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Let's Work Together

We want to work with you. We are a full-time family of two empty nesters. After Shane retired from the military, we decided to downsize and move full-time into an RV.  We have an Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube accounts, that are all growing pretty fast as we post to these accounts five days a week. Let us work with your company and help you grow as well.  We work with companies making content for their marketing and social media. We post photos, reels, and stories on our accounts.  We work with camping products, campgrounds, and brands with products that fit in the RVing community. . 

Work Experience

Quiquatro, is a company that sells Turkish towels.  We collaborated with them on Instagram.  We made one post on our Instagram page and several stories for them for marketing. We have worked with them on two occasions.  

Discount Code -GILL30

Midland USA   Midland Radio Affiliates. Midland USA is a two-way radio company.  We made 2 posts on our Instagram page, and several stories and collaborated with a giveaway for them for marketing. Did a few stories that showcased their black Friday sales. 

Discount Code - GillsOnWheels10 

Banff Cliff Solar Panels - Canadian Solar panel company.  We worked with them by making one post with six photos and 2 videos on Instagram. 

Wright Life Home - Company that sells outdoor rugs, and accessories for your home and RV.  They sent us an outdoor rug and the winner a rug.  In exchange, we did a giveaway and a post on Instagram. 

Lippert - Lippert Components, sell RV accessories & Upgrades.  We did a giveaway with their new pressure washer.  They sent us one and the winner.  We made a post and a reel on Instagram. 


RV Today Magazine - Wrote several articles for the magazine, and was paid for the articles.  We are now affiliates of the magazine.  Post on Instagram, and stories.  We will be rewarded each time someone signs up with our link. 

Affiliate link RV Today Magazine 

RTIC Outdoors - RTIC outdoors coolers reached out to us to collaborate. RTIC is a large cooler company.  We made a post, a reel, and a few stories. 


Wear Graphene -  Wear Graphene is an outdoor company that makes heated jackets. We collaborated with them and made a post and a reel.  

Gas Station Coffee - Gas Station Coffee is a small business that makes coffee that honors the American tradition of road trips.  Posted a reel and 2 stories for their company. 

Linpro.usa - A tablecloth company. They reached out to us to make one reel and a few stories for their company. 

RV Lock - A keyless lock for RVs and campers. We hosted a giveaway with their product and made a reel. 

Beddy's - A zippered comforter company we collaborated with for one reel and a few stories.  Also, affiliates with Beddy's receive compensation for others' purchases through our link. 

Beddy's Affiliate Link


Mount-It - Mount-It is a company that sells stand up desks, TV and computer mounts.  We did a collab with one reel and a few stories for their cup holder tablet stand. 

Eat Proper Good -  A healthy, fast, easy, food company.  We posted a reel for their company. 


Spot2Nite - App for booking campgrounds - hosted us for 2 night stay for making a reel 

The Fitz RV Resort - Luxury RV resort, hosted us for 3 nights, for a reel, and stories about their campground 

Blue Skies Retro Resort - Retro RV Resort 

The Retreat RV & Camping Resort

Javy Coffee We made 1 reel on our Instagram page, for marketing. 


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-Featured on the YouTube channel Tiny Home Tours (over 1 million subscribers)
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-Featured in RV Magazine
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