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We are a full-time family of two empty nesters. After Shane retired from the military, we decided to downsize and move full-time into an RV.  We are doing what we can to help others downsize and live tiny! We have a small, but growing Instagram and Facebook following. We have worked with a few companies so far, but are working to get more companies to work with us.  You can check out our posts on Instagram and Facebook. 

Work Experience

May 2021 
July 2021

July 2021 

November 2021

Quiquatro, is a company that sells Turkish towels.  We collaborated with them on Instagram.  We made one post on our Instagram page, and several stories for them for marketing. 

Discount Code -GILL30

Midland USA   Midland Radio Affiliates. Midland USA is a two-way radio company.  We made 2 posts on our Instagram page, several stories and collaborated with a giveaway for them for marketing. Did a few stories that showcased their black Friday sales. 

Discount Code - GillsOnWheels10 

Banff Cliff Solar Panels, a Canadian Solar panel company.  We worked with them by making one post with six photos and 2 videos on Instagram for marketing. 

Javy Coffee We made 1 reel on our Instagram page, for marketing. 


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